Bartosz "Bratek" Wójcik is a guitarist, composer, session musician and member of ZAiKS and STOART artists associations.

Since 2012, he works with Jacek Dewódzki (DŻEM) & "REVOLUCJA", released albums:
* "XV Festival" LIVE (2013 and 2015);
* "Bida z Nędzą" (HRPP RECORDS/2016).

"Bratek" also works in studio and live with leading Polish musicians: Jacek Krzaklewski (PERFECT), Gienek Loska, Liam MacMhurri (LAPd), Gabriel Fleszar, Mietek Jurecki (BUDKA SUFLERA), Marek Raduli (BUDKA SUFLERA, TTR2), Krzysztof Misiak (CHYLINSKA), Tom Łosowski (KOMBI), Grzegorz "Ornette" Stępień (ODDZIAŁ ZAMKNIĘTY).

In 2016, "Bratek" released his debut album: "... From the Book of Shadows" (HRPP RECORDS), which is a music project recorded to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the original "Book Of Shadows"(1996) album by Zakk Wylde.

In 2017, along with outstanding musicians of the legendary bands: Jacek Krzaklewski (PERFECT), Mietek Jurecki (BUDKA SUFLERA), Grzegorz "Ornette" Stępień (ODDZIAŁ ZAMKNIĘTY), Liam MacMhurri (LAPd) and Krzysztof Żurek (REVOLUCJA) he released the album entitled "MEDUSA"(HRPP RECORDS); successively in 2018: MEDUSA "One Night At Pamela`s" (HRPP RECORDS) - which is a live album.

Since 2009, "Bratek" provides his own guitar school, but in 2018 he opened the "Małopolska Rock School", he is a teacher of many guitar workshops, which he had the pleasure to lead with Leszek Cichoński, Apostolis Anthimos (SBB) or Mietek Jurecki (BUDKA SUFLERA).

In 2018, he also composed music for a documentary film about a well-known Polish artist and poet Adam Macedoński.

Bartosz "Bratek" Wójcik works with the TOP GUITAR music magazine (, for which he writes his own guitar workshops.

"Bratek" is endorsed by PLEXSOUND guitar amps (, his signed models are: "Psychonote BW10" and "Goldwing". Since 2017, he is also endorsed by HESU guitar cabinets ( in 2018, he started cooperation with PRS Guitars Poland (